Assessment & Program Design

As much as we are highly confident in our ability to assist your organization to evolve, it would be folly of us to assume that our good ideas – packaged up the way we think they should be – would always work for everyone.

That isn't to say that there aren't themes in the challenges common to evolving organizations. There are.

Organizations are inherently 'social'. They are constructed of people and that means there are personalities involved in those challenges. And where there are personalities, nothing is always the same.

And, this is the primary theme that drives the challenges most of our clients bring to us.

Getting to the truth, early.

When we start working with you, the first step we will take is to get the truth. We'll methodically assess the current reality of your organization – be it with your existing or evolving leaders, teams or organizational structure.

At this point, you may be thinking that this sounds exactly like what every other company does ... and to some extent it is.

However, where we differ is how we go about the assessment.

The lens we use to evaluate your current situation and the gaps that are contributing to your challenges is the Synergetics Assessment Model – a four-point, six-vector fully scalable inside-out model for critical thinking, planning and problem-solving based in the science of synergetics.

This model provides the foundation and structure for pinpointing exactly where your organization can benefit from a development plan.

12 degrees of freedom – creating the stability necessary to evolve.

Here's more geometry for you. To fix something in 'space', to make it immovable and completely stable, it must be anchored in 12 directions. This creates a stability in the system that allows it to withstand external pressures that would otherwise make it waver or go off course.

So, how do you go about stabilizing social dynamic models in business -- ie. execution of strategic plans, development programs, or team processes?

Include all perspectives.

Too often, assessment processes only look from the 'top down' or from the 'outside in' or from 'them vs us'. This approach can unintentionally exclude very useful information.

Here's the reason: all systems inherently have an inside and an outside, an internal and external component. In business, its 'you and me', or 'business and client', or 'management and staff', or 'this department vs that department.' For the system to function successfully, it is imperative that both sides or perspectives are considered.

Our Synergetics Planning Model, uses six elegantly simple, yet comprensive questioning process to flush out the critical factors – both the internal and external – relevant to your challenge.

Putting it into action.

After we complete the assessment process, the next step is to build a plan that will work to achieve your goals. Again, this may sound simplistic, but we do do things differently.

At each step of the way, we work with our Stable Systems Synergetics Model which ensures that we don't miss anything. Because if we do, the program won't work as well as it could. The planning system would be incomplete and unstable.

With a focus on the point where a system or plan typically weakens.

It's our experience that most people and organizations are reasonably good at 3 out of the 4 points on our model: Visioning, Designing their business and creating the requisite tools.

It's also our experience that the place most individuals, teams, and organizations fall apart is in continuous improvement. This goes back to the idea that change and growth are a process. If you truly want your people or organization to evolve, you have to view it as a process.

And, inherent in the concept of process is this: You have to be continuously, proactively committed to gathering feedback, assessing it and fine-tuning your plan based on the learnings.

Because we know that this is where things weaken, the plan we bring to you will always have a focus on this point.

We want you to succeed. We really do. Life is way better when people are doing good work and are happy about it.

Just imagine. We can.

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