Curricula For Emerging Leaders

The shortest route to a positive return? Optimize your existing talent.

Optimizing existing talent is the shortest, most cost effective route to higher productivity, increased efficiencies and becoming the employer of choice for high quality people.

Organizations committed to developing leadership skills at all levels simply perform better.

Are you preparing your people to lead? Are they ready?

Leaders are developed not born.

The objective of our Emerging Leaders Curriculum is to guide the new leaders in your organization as they develop the Key Leadership Competencies exhibited by the world's most effective leaders.

There is a wealth of research that details and describes these leadership competencies. The great thing is that every one of them can be learned ... by anyone.

Development is a process, not an event.

Organizations often struggle to develop leadership-specific skills. Why is this?

The answer is that many organizations do not have a development process in place. Yes, some organizations provide leadership training. But, there is a distinct difference between stand-alone training and training as part of a development process.

Training is an event and development is a process. Training intellectualizes concepts, while development hardwires thinking and behaviours. The 'process' closes the gap between the initial understanding of a concept and actually putting it into action.

In our experience, the most important contributor to success is not what we know, it's what we do.

For example.

When we ask a group of leaders to think about ideal strategies when faced with someone who is verbally aggressive, everyone agrees unanimously that “remaining calm” is an effective strategy.

Yet, how often does this actually happen? Usually it's the opposite: there is escalation in the face of verbal aggression, rather than calm. We try to get control of the situation by powering up. And, more often than not, the situation gets worse.

So, we know what to do (stay calm), but so often don't do it.

We help hardwire new leadership skills.

Looping back to our opening line, simply knowing what the core competencies are will not produce leaders. Your Emerging Leaders need to quickly habituate their new understandings into permanent, hardwired behaviours.

Our Curriculum for Emerging Leaders is designed for organizations that recognize that expanding the capabilities and competencies of their leaders is critical for the next level of evolution.

And, the Social Synergetics model for creative thinking and problem solving is the foundation upon which these leadership competencies quickly become second nature.

It's important to your success.

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