Development Strategies For The Way Our Brains Work

Have you ever attended a training session that got you all fired up, but then a month later you realized nothing had really changed?

You are not alone. Research on one-day workshops shows only about 5% of attendees use the information and strategies.

If the goal of developmental training is to truly impact change, behaviorally or organizationally, there is one absolute that must be understood:

Change, growth and development is an active, on-going process, not an event. Knowledge without application does not produce results.

When it comes to getting results, what you DO is more important than you what you KNOW. And so successful training gets people "to do" differently, which we do!

But the 'doing differently' ALWAYS starts in our heads.
  • Mindset precedes skillset – Behavior is a result of belief. We act on what we believe. So, you have to first shift mindset and belief systems before you can get someone to do something differently. (More on this.)
  • Learning has to be fun – Research documents and our experience tells us that people learn better when they’re having fun. The positive emotion anchors the learning in various neurological and emotional ways.
  • Emotion always influences decisions – Whether we like it our not, the research also tells us that emotions are the primary drivers of decisions. If this is the case, it behooves us to become emotionally intelligent – one of the primary focuses of our work.
  • We learn best by doing – Practical application is the best way to learn. Classroom environments have to be interactive to be effective.
  • Environment is key – The most effective learning environments are those specifically designed to minimize distractions and maximize exposure to key concepts and experience. Our Total Learning Environment is intentionally structured to do just this.
You WILL use what you learn. Our Total Learning Environment speeds up both mindset evolution and the integration of new skills. The model is based on the latest research on adult education and a combined 60+ years experience. It works.

The development sessions FLY by.
At the end of a coaching or training session, attendees are frequently amazed at how quickly the time passed. They leave excited, inspired and committed to taking positive actions. This is a direct result of our ability to weave new concepts, considerations and ideas into a holistic system of learning.

Results are GUARANTEED. Once you experience our development programs, your expectations for what is possible will shift. We guarantee our work unconditionally.

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