Are Your Communications Working for You?

Take this quick survey. If you answer yes to even one of these questions, then you're identifying an opportunity to improve the communications in your organization.

Would you, your team or your department like to:
  • Get more done without adding stress? (Hint: it’s not time management,it’s relationship management.)
  • Have people actually hear you in meetings and when you offer recommendations or direction?
  • Have a tool box full of strategies and skills to deal with even the most challenging and difficult personality styles and situations?
  • Work in a culture where more time is spent in productive, forward-moving, creative, collaborative conversations instead of listening to the same stories and complaints?
  • Learn ways to create harmony, engagement and collaboration in your environment?
  • Have a workplace, or home, that is free of unproductive drama?
  • Work in a culture of ownership and responsibility, where people get on with the job, free of politics and covert agendas?
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