Assessing Your Team's Conflict Confidence

If you recognize even one of the situations below, elevating the conflict confidence of your staff is a good thing to work on.

It will create more harmony and better decision making. Your people will feel more valued. They will come to trust each other more.

Your work environment will become safer and more productive and there will be higher levels of job satisfaction and dramatically less stress amongst staff.

1. A team member is in disagreement with a decision, but doesn't spake up at the time the decision is being discussed.

2. Team members who report feeling un-heard or feel that their opinions are de-valued during team discussions.

3. People gossiping or talking behind the backs of others.

4. Unproductive drama – people playing the roles of victim, persecutor or rescuer – drawing others into their game.

5. An overbearing or aggressive staff member who doesn’t let others speak, who has to always be right, or who uses put-downs when advocating a position.

6. People feeling intimidated, whether the source is internal or external (ie. customers, vendors, patients, residents, etc.)?

7. People who answer the question,  “Why are we doing it that way?” with the response, “Because that is the way we have always done it”.

8. Inability of two or more people to reach agreement on critical issues.

9. People who say yes to a decision, then criticize the decision or work to undermine it.

10. Any type of bullying or aggressive behaviour that is not addressed and curtailed.

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