Customizing a Curriculum for Your Organization

Years of experience working with successful organizations have galvanized our belief that social dynamics are the most powerful forces in driving organizational success.

Leveraging the power of the Social Synergetics™ model means we can deliver strategic solutions that meet the specific needs of clients, and have the ability to take organizations to the next level.

So, what does this mean for you? Your organization will be able to create significant forward momentum by tapping into:

  • Seasoned strategic consultants – experts with proven experience and minimal learning curve requirements
  • Powerful integrated strategies – strategic visioning, organizational structure, creative leadership, team cohesion, management coaching and staff development all designed to align your organization to a common path
  • Operational guidance – to successfully execute your strategy on a tactical level

Interested? Start a dialogue today. Need more to consider? Let’s talk about the process.

Exploration + assessment

Whether we are doing an organization-wide initiative that involves strategic consulting, coaching, and training or a one-day communications workshop, the process always begins with a thorough needs assessment. Through a series of group and one-on-one interviews, in combination with a review of relevant corporate information and significant competitive factors, our goal is to gain a solid understanding of the group's personality and dynamic as it relates to the challenge or need that has been identified. Expect:

  • An in-depth review of your company, your challenges and your goals.
  • Deep analysis, organized assessments, insights and specific implications for your organization.
  • An analysis of the hidden drivers and points of conflict within your teams.

Evaluation and strategic program recommendation

From our observations and dialogue, we proceed to developing a strategic recommendation for getting quickly to your desired outcomes, doing more with less. Expect:

  • Realistic, thoughtful roll-out plan that can be achieved using available resources – time, money, systems and people.
  • Simplicity – clear thinking + stable systems = good business

Program delivery

Throughout the delivery of the program components – strategic consulting, training, coaching, etc. – we continue to evaluate the validity of our tactics and the results we are getting each step of the way. Expect:

  • Outstanding program and process facilitation
  • Continual fine-tuning and calibration
  • The ability to maximize on new ideas and opportunities as they emerge

Debrief & recommendations for future development

Post-delivery, we regroup to evaluate areas that worked well, as well as others that need more attention, and make further recommendations for the organization to continue to integrate the Social SynergeticsTM models for achieving better results with fewer resources. Expect:

  • A long-term commitment to your success
  • A thought-forward collaboration to continue the flow of ideas and integration of the best

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