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Management & Leadership

Motivating & Engaging Employees – Simple, synergetics-based strategies for gaining trust and encouraging even the most unwilling employees to get on board and working collaboratively and cohesively.

Coaching For On-going Growth and Development– Learn a proven debrief and coaching model which assists managers and supervisors in supporting the continued development of individual employees and teams.

A New Model For Creative Leadership
– Leading at any level in any business is tough these days, and getting tougher. With change occurring at the pace it does these days, older leadership models have become obsolete. Leaders need a different type of clarity of thinking, along with the skill to communicate what they want and coach employees to deliver. The Social Synergetics management model provides all of this, grounded in a geometry of thinking that elevates leadership to a whole new level.

Management Strategies from Inside the Fence – VERY INTERESTING!!!! – Since 1987, Superintendent Ronald Moscicki has been the equivalent of the CEO for the internationally recognized Shock Incarceration Program which has realized savings of over $1.377 billion for the State of New York. The management strategies he engages to produce results like this can be used in any corporate environment. Find out how he did it and how you can get similar results in your organization. It’s a highly stimulating presentation for managers at any level.

Communications, Conflict & Negativity

Creating a Healthy Communications Culture – Learn a new framework for productive, healthy communication that will serve as a foundation for better workplace relationships and easier, more enhanced collaboration between individuals, departments and teams.

Dealing With Challenging People – Learn to deal with challenging personalities, temperaments and communication styles effectively. You’ll save time, be happier, and get better results.

Manage Your Emotions In Any Situation
– Imagine if you could avoid over-reacting, withdrawing, feeling stressed, or taking situations home with you. It’s not as tough as you might think.

Turning Conflict Around – Understand the roots of conflict and how to reshape it so it becomes productive.

Creating A Drama-Free Workplace
– Imagine a workplace free of the unproductive drama that wastes time, energy and resources. With the unique Social SynergeticsTM methodology, it can be done with ease.

Highly Productive Teams

Building High Functioning Teams – Maximize the results of your organization through high-functioning teams that are self-regulating, self-motivated, innovative and high-performing. Learn how your teams can achieve exceptional results in key metric areas.

Managing Conflict On Teams – Specifically designed to address the unique conflict challenges of teams and groups. Learn how turn any situation of conflict into one that is creative and productive, without residual negative energy.

Organizational Development

Creating A Total Learning Environment That Works At Work – Turning your workplace in to a total learning environment is one of the most effective ways of getting more with less. And it doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. This interesting presentation will get your audience motivated to make changes that will get them better results immediately.

Creating Organizational Stability in the Midst of Change and Chaos – Discover how it is possible to create a stable environment in which break-through thinking occurs and employees flourish, even when change and chaos seem to be the only stable factors.

How The Social Synergetics Models For Clear Thinking and Stable Systems Can Help Grow Your Organization With Fewer Resources – How understanding the geometry of thinking can reshape your organization and produce measurably improved results with reduced resources. It’s where math, science and humanity meet. Exciting, interactive presentations that help audiences understand the fundamentals of stable environments where individuals flourish and results flow.

Meetings & Time Management

Manage Your Time To Live and Work Better – Too often, we find ourselves spinning our wheels, doing too many things at once and getting nothing done. Most of us spend a tremendous amount of time on things that don’t get us where we want to be. It doesn’t have to be that way and there is a simple set of strategies to help.

Make Meetings Work – Do you ever attend meetings where the conversation goes off target or over the assigned time? Do you ever experience conversations that go on ... and on  ... and on ... without a resolution – often with the same tired topic resurfacing at meeting after meeting? It might seem like wasted time at meetings is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be.

Customer Service & Sales

The Role of Emotion in Sales & How To Make It Work For You – Learn how, when and why emotion impacts the sales process and how to use it to make your customers happy and grow sales.

Presentation Skills for Sales and Customer Service – Learn the keys to creating an impactful sales presentation or customer call and the impact of each on closing a sale.

Corrections & Social Change

Creating Successful Social Change in Tough Environments  – The story of how the NY State Department of Correctional Services flagship program – Shock Incarceration – has been able to achieve a success level unmatched in the world. Learn the key strategies for overcoming the unique obstacles encountered in social change and how hour organization might get the same types of results.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling … in Prison – Dr. Cheryl Clark has done it all – designed, created and implemented a program more successful than any other program of it’s type in the work. And she’s done it in the tradition-bound, male-dominated world of criminal justice. This is a highly motivating presentation for both female and male audiences.

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