Leadership Competencies

Personal Development

Demonstrates commitment to continuous personal and professional development
Sets and achieves personal goals
Is aware on own personality characteristics, strengths and weaknesses
Engages others as mentors and coaches

Development of Others

Demonstrates good coaching skills
Assists others in understanding and setting goals
Ability to push others
Assesses personality characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of others

Task Management/Production

Demonstrates a bias towards action
Ability to initiate tasks
Ability to complete tasks
Good time management skills
Works effectively and efficiently
Understands and respects limitations
Good project management and planning skills


Demonstrates strong critical thinking skills
Has an ability to create vision
Can see various sides to an issue
Demonstrates competency in decision-making


Has strong personal/professional relationships
Encourages team/group relationships
Manages and resolves conflict appropriately
Is appropriately protective of team/group


Demonstrates creative thinking
Adjusts to fit situation
Promotes continuous improvement
Understands how change impacts others


Provides direction
Engages others in vision
Builds consensus
Understands needs of individuals and groups

Instills Trust

Delegates appropriately and responsibly
Assumes responsibility appropriately
Demonstrates confidence
Walks their talk
Creates and upholds values
Gains and maintains support for ideas and projects


Listens effectively
Ensures understanding in communications
Demonstrates situational flexibility in communications
Demonstrates empathic listening skills
Processes information effectively
Presentation skills
Ensures all who “need-to-know” know

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