Michael Healey

As lead consultant with Social Synergetics, Michael Healey works with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing people as a foundation for continual improvement and capacity building.

When he started delivering development programs 24 years ago, Michael noticed almost immediately that even the most outstanding ideas, tips, techniques and strategies that were presented in training sessions too often weren’t put into practice or weren’t sustained.

He recognized that for training to have value for his clients, he needed to be able to make it stick. If people and organizations could operationalize and hardwire new ways of doing things, changes could be sustained – and that would be a valuable use of training resources.

When Michael was introduced to Dr. Cherie Clark and began studying the Social Synergetics models Dr. Clark was using in her work with New York State, he began applying those models with his clients and partners. He found those same models work in every conceivable business and organizational environment at both the macro and micro levels.

Whether an organization is struggling with executing strategic and operational plans, building capacity with people and systems, or looking to break down the silos and develop more horizontal collaboration, the Social Synergetics models have universality and adapt seamlessly across the full spectrum of organizational domains.

Michael has worked with clients to create sustained learning and change in broad and diverse sectors:

  • Corporate Business (including aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment and environmental services)
  • Canadian Banking
  • Health Care and Human Services
  • Universities   
  • Provincial and State Government Agencies
  • School Districts
  • Social Service Agencies

Read case studies from clients Michael has worked with here.

Comments from Clients:

One social service agency who has worked with Mr. Healey over an extended period says that he “is the best process facilitator that (we) have ever worked with.” The positive changes they experience are immediate and fully embraced by their management teams and employees.

"With Mr. Healey’s guidance, our department at a major Canadian university was struggling with significant organizational changes. We learned to work cohesively and creatively to build high-functioning teams and develop workplace management skills to successfully navigate the challenges in front of them. In 2010, we were ranked #1 in their category in a national survey inclusive of all universities in Canada."

"Mr. Healey is a dynamic speaker and a master facilitator. He is extraordinarily effective at guiding clients in learning to think and communicate clearly while reducing unproductive workplace drama and negativity. Whether it is working at a strategic level, coaching the development of high functioning teams, teaching the skills for effective communications and relationship building, or mastering conflict, the common denominator for all his clients is the results they have been able to achieve by integrating Social Synergetics – both tangible results (ie. quantifiable metrics), as well as the less tangible (ie. improved collaboration, better relationships, less stress, elimination of drama, etc.)."

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