Total Learning Environmentâ„¢ (TLEâ„¢)

"The Total Learning Environment™ model provides a wholistic context for learning which integrates the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the human experience with clinical and scientific research, as well as proven methodology for accelerating and maximizing the learning process." – Dr. Cheryl L. Clark

The unique Total Learning Environment™ (TLE™), developed by Dr. Cheryl Clark, is a Social Synergetics™ structure for accelerating the learning process and ensuring immediate integration of new mind- and skill-set learnings.

It is a scalable model, useful in both traditional classroom or workshop/seminar environments, as well as for residential programs in which all aspects of the daily routine of residents is specifically designed to promote learning and growth. A TLE™ is equally effective for small group learning as it is for larger groups.

The TLE™ is step-by-step process which goes beyond the mainstream concept of providing interactive or accelerated learning. All aspects of the learning environment are orchestrated to maximize value participants receive from the learning opportunities available.

Classroom application – beyond the game

Learning research indicates as much as 80% of the information presented in traditional training formats is lost within 72 hours. In a TLE™, participants experience an environment where the answers come from "within" themselves. The guided learning process ensures the learnings are "owned" and anchored into each individual’s reality.

Concepts and strategies that cross the realm of science, psychology, education, physiology, business and social theory are integrated to produce a context that appeals to the very heart of the human experience.

The exciting by-product of this unique learning environment is that participants discover a renewed love for the learning process. Fear of change is reduced and the focus on possibilities (vs. impossibilities) grows exponentially.

How it works

The Set-Up prepares participants for an activity, whether it be through an environment simulation, role playing or group work.

The Experience is provided by the activity. In the TLE™ model, activities are skillfully constructed to allow habitual or conditioned responses that are usually sub-conscious or beyond our awareness to come to the surface in a safe and fun environment.

The Debrief Activities are then "debriefed." During the debrief, participants are guided through a reconstructing of the activity in a manner which allows them to clearly observe their behaviours while making an objective assessment to determine which   behaviours are productive and which are counter-productive to their success.

This observation is then related directly back to what occurs in their real life and how their results may be linked to their conditioned responses. New strategies and opportunities for skill development are introduced and are reinforced through more activity and practice.

The Process Continues as new insights/skills are built by exposing layers of behaviors that are counter-productive  and replacing them with new productive strategies. The process continues by adding the next level of experience/debrief after the initial step and continuing this process until the lessons and new skills are fully learned and ready to be integrated into real life.

Residential program application – living in a total learning environment

The application of the TLE™, model to a residential program involves everyone and every aspect of the environment being committed to creating an environment where residents are supported in every possible way to learn, grow and succeed.

The key to a successful TLE is that all staff – administrators, program staff, support staff and security (in corrections) – are aligned and fully supportive of creating a place where people are expected to grow and learn and succeed.

The environment is deconstructed and then reconstructed with a focus on understanding and leveraging the factors that are positive or detractors from growth within the context of how the brain works and people learn.

It is a fascinating model, proven to produce extraordinary results and can work in any environment. Please contact us to find out more.

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