Curricula Topics

If you're like most of our clients, you are looking for ways to keep your organization moving forward, continuing everyday to make it relevant to both customers and employees. You thrive on knowledge and fresh insights, but you want to ensure that everything you bring to the table is meaningful and adds value. You don't want to waste your time or anyone else's.

You're in the right place. Our Keynote Presentations captivate audiences with the profound effect that Social Synergetics™ can have on improving the culture and productivity of individuals, teams and entire organizations. Our way of looking at business is new, it's interesting, and it's grounded in a way that makes sense. People become engaged and inspired like never before.

Customized For Your Organization  Through pre-session research, each presentation is tailored to the specific needs and experiences of the industry, business and audience to produce the outcomes you are looking for.

Experienced Speakers 
Our Keynote Speakers have over 30 years of groundbreaking research and results-driven operationalization behind them – and these are real-life experiences that are fundamental to motivating your audience, stimulating new thinking and entertaining the intellectual imagination.

Meaningful Topics 
Our presentation topics are meaningful – each presentation is structured around Social Synergetics models for successful business. These are not throw-aways or time fillers. They will inspire your audience to a higher level of thinking and productivity. More about topics.

Flexible Presentation Formats 
Need a stand-alone presentation? Or want to dovetail with another topic to address a wider range of issues? Our keynote presentations  are typically 60-90 minutes in length; however, each topic can also be delivered in more depth as a half-day or full-day training or 2 day development workshop. It's our experience that clients often book a developmental training session after a keynote ... because their audience always wants more!

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